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Lookin' forward to doing it again

This article is reprinted from the November 2006 issue of Grace to You.

It's hard to believe that within the next few weeks we will have finished our first reading of the entire Holy Bible. We should certainly start by giving Pastor Galler a huge THANK YOU for all his hard work in helping us through. His explanations and answers to the questions have been, to say the least, extremely beneficial. For me, reading the Bible has given me the confidence and knowledge to bring up religious dialog with friends and family on a much more frequent basis and has increased the occasion of my witnessing to others. Not that I am a Bible expert by any means, but at least I now have sufficient background to know where to look for answers and to speak a little more intelligently about Bible related issues.

It was really interesting to me how so many Bible accounts can relate directly to today's issues and provide solid answers for tough questions. Have you been involved in discussions recently about such things as homosexuality, adultery, idolatry, or maybe even evolution or creation? Well, all of those topics, obviously only to name a few, are well covered in the Bible and in the Daily Lectionary.

I must admit that when we started reading the Bible last December, especially beginning with Revelation, that I had doubts about my ability to finish the undertaking. However, by only reading two or three chapters a day, it was much easier than I anticipated. Although some of the books were a little tougher than others to get through, having Pastor Galler's guidance available made all the difference in the world. Not only is reading the Bible very comforting but, really to my surprise, it is also quite interesting. In many cases it is much like reading a good novel, you just can't wait to read the next chapter to learn 'the rest of the story'.

In December, we will begin reading the Bible for the second time. Pastor Galler's original on-line posts will be available with even more insights and explanations. I'm hopeful that during my second time through I am able to concentrate a little more on the details that I may have missed the first time.

I encourage everyone to take just a few minutes out of your day and spend the time reading and learning what truly is the very essence of our salvation. It may be as simple as skipping the morning newspaper and reading the Bible instead. Obviously, you may spend as much time as you feel needed to adequately grasp each day's readings. You might be surprised how easy it really is and, if you're like me, there's no question about the benefit you'll gain. As the title says, I truly am looking forward to doing it again.


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