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Daily Lectionary

Dear Friend,

In John 5:39 Jesus says, "Search the scriptures; for ... they are they which testify of Me" (KJV).

Holy Scripture is priceless to us because, as the verse above and picture below indicate, in it we Chi-Rho Bible find Jesus. In the picture, the Chi-Rho symbol (the first two Greek letters of the word for "Christ" that form a cross with a head of sorts on it) is not simply a decorative bookmark but also a reminder that Jesus is in at least some way the center of all the Bible records. The things that are written in Holy Scripture are written, as St. John reports, that we "might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing [we] might have life through His Name" (John 20:31 KJV).

Being "in the Word" was a point of emphasis of the now-sainted Dr. Alvin Barry, a previous president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and it is an exhortation we always do well to heed. Dr. Barry's successor, Dr. Robert Kuhn, also has suggested that renewing our commitment to the Word of God would be helpful for us in our Synod's difficult days.

Be in the Word Year Two graphicAt Grace Lutheran Church, we are now in the second year of our effort to "Be in the Word". If you are reading this on-line, then everything you need to participate is on this website, including prayers, background on each month's reading (pertinent themes, etc.), comments on each day's reading (in what we call the Biblog), and interactive questions and answers. The easiest way to begin might be to bookmark this page, which tells you what to read each day and provides some of that background. For how else to proceed, see this general question and answer (and you may want to read some of the others on that page).

Let me encourage you to not only to read with us but also to share your questions and comments, whether on the readings orthe comments I have made. If anything is not clear to you, please ask! You cannot offend me, and I will not think less of you for asking (and no one else will know, as all comments and questions are anonymous when posted).

In all this we know God's Word accomplishes that which He pleases (Isaiah 55:10-11)!

Pastor Jayson S. Galler


The Daily Lectionary reproduced in the "scripture box" on the Daily Lectionary page and the two introductory paragraphs below are reprinted from Lutheran Worship (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1982), 295-299, with permission from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's Commission on Worship. The background information provided is from various sources as compiled by the Rev. Jayson S. Galler. Bible versions for citations are indicated where given. Soli Deo Gloria!


This outline is a devotional reading plan that covers the entire Sacred Scriptures each year. The selections are based on ancient models and are generally in harmony with the liturgical church year. The average reading is three chapters daily. A seasonal canticle is assigned for each month and is scheduled to replace the psalm on the first and last days of the month. All of the psalms are read twice a year.

The lectionary is in accordance with Martin Luther's suggestions: "But let the entire Psalter, divided in parts, remain in use and the entire Scriptures, divided into lections, let this be preserved in the ears of the church." Also: "After that another book should be selected, and so on, until the entire Bible has been read through, and where one does not understand it, pass that by and glorify God."

Holy Bible

Be in the Word and read today's scripture readings.

The Daily Lectionary With Some Background is also available for download in PDF format.


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