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Daily Lectionary - Biblical Index


The Biblical Index of Daily Lectionary readings is a valuable tool for you to use in your commitment to Be in the Word. The index provides links to the scripture readings, date(s) that the scripture is the assigned reading, "Biblog" posts related to the readings, and all Q&A discussions regarding the readings. It also contains other study aids to help you understand the Bible. Basically, it is a one-stop shop for all communication about the readings as part of the Daily Lectionary study that can assist you in "catching up" with your study or revisiting past readings and discussions about them.

Additionally, as you commit to "Be in the Word" for this second year of bible study through the Daily Lectionary, some final thoughts will be offered to follow up the study of each book as it is completed to help you get the most from your studies. Those final thoughts will be published in the Biblog and also on the home page for each book in the Biblical Index.

A Brief "History" of the Bible - Summarizes the Bible's salvation history in outline form, indicating in which books the major historical events are to be found, what those major events are, the approximate dates of the events, and about where the Bible's other, "less-historical" books fit into the timeline.


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