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Survey says: Daily Lectionary pages "helpful"

Be in the WordBackground information pages, the Biblog (“Bible-log”) posts, and Question and Answer pages were all said to be “helpful” or “very helpful” by users of Grace’s online Daily Lectionary. The opinions came in an online survey available for two weeks March 26 through April 8 on a survey administration website, and those who responded have our thanks.

Though the Today’s Reading with Background page was deemed helpful by those using it, those are less than half of those responding to the survey. Those not using the page said they did not have time or had a hard copy of the information. Only one of the respondents indicated reading the readings themselves from the site, and, though that user said providing the readings themselves was important, the user also indicated he or she would not stop participating in the Daily Lectionary if the readings themselves were not provided. Others using the Today’s Reading page indicated reading their own copies of the New International Version.

All of those responding to the survey indicated they used the Biblog pages, with most finding the length of the part of the post dealing with the readings to be “just right”. The majority of the Biblog users read the “tidbits”, and most of those said they looked forward to reading them every day. The majority of those who did not use the Tidbits indicated a lack of time as the reason why. Only two of the survey respondents indicated submitting questions, and both of those indicated the answer addressed their questions “well” or “very well”. Lack of time was a reason given both by those not submitting questions and not using the Q&A pages.

As for the Prayers page, only two of the respondents indicated using it, and both described the provided prayers as “very good” and the frequency new prayers are provided as “just right”. Some of those not using the Prayers page indicated they did not know about them, and others said they did not have time for the prayers.

Only one survey respondent indicated using the Downloads page, and that respondent gave the reason of “seeking information”. The page simply provides the same information as that found in the hard copy of the Daily Lectionary booklet.

No suggestions were made for changes to the Daily Lectionary pages, but some of the respondents did make comments regarding them. One respondent said the pages were “a helpful reminder to stay in the Word” and give “a focus for study and reflection”. Another commented, “A lot of thought and hard work are put into these pages.” Still another commented, “I really get a lot out of the Biblog.”

Asked how frequently they used the pages, survey respondents indicated “daily” more than any other single use category, though less than half of the users responding to the survey indicated daily use. The respondents indicated that when they used the Daily Lectionary they used it for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, and half of them used it between 3-9 am. The majority of the respondents were female, and the majority of respondents indicated their age was between 36 and 50. When it came to their highest level of education, nearly half said “some education after high school”, and more than half had at least a Bachelor’s degree if not also a graduate degree.

The survey came as we moved between the one-quarter and one-third points of the year-long reading plan. The survey was offered as a way of getting anonymous feedback from those using the Daily Lectionary pages, with the hope that survey responses would give us some indication of how to improve the pages, where to spend more or less energy, and the like. In general we conclude that readers responding to the survey were relatively happy with the pages as they are.

A particularly time consuming task for our webmaster has been the creation of the each day’s page with the actual text of the readings, and those pages may be discontinued.

Overall, I continue to encourage as many as possible to make use of this paper and electronic resource for Being in the Word of God. Those so doing indicate the resource is at least “helpful”.

Pastor Jayson S. Galler


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